Foaming After Shave

Our innovative foaming emulsion combines the toning, invigorating zing of a traditional alcohol aftershave with the soothing comfort of a modern moisturizing balm. (And always free freight!)


Good for Skin

The unique emollient rich foam retains the refreshing, cleansing properties of alcohol, while locking in moisture to prevent drying. Also, helps relieve irritating razor burns and razor bumps!

Subtle, Enticing Aroma

Our special formula gently binds a light fragrance to the skin, allowing you to smell great without overpowering those around you. And it will not irritate your skin!

Less Waste, More Control

Our studies indicate that during the application of traditional liquid after shaves, 30% or more may get washed down the drain. Our foam prevents that waste, saving money and giving you more control of where it’s going.

The Company

We are a small, family business with over 60 years of consumer product development. Our products are made in the USA in small batches for the best quality. After years of technological refinement and testing to develop our unique formula, we believe Joseph Meyer foaming After Shave is perfect for the “everyman” who wants to look, smell, and feel great.

The foaming After Shave

Alcohol + Moisturizer = The best of both worlds. Some people prefer alcohol in their After Shave for it’s ability to clean small nicks and cuts, prevent in-grown hairs and razor bumps, and because it helps tone and refresh the skin with that familiar zing. Some prefer the moisturizing properties of a balm. Our emollient-rich emulsion seals in moisture, prevents drying and irritation, and soothes your skin.

Subtle fragrance that won’t offend. Our non-irritating fragrance starts as a classic scent, then evolves into something more sophisticated and modern. The initial hint of citrus and spice gives way to sweet lavender before settling on something slightly smoky with notes of woodsy clary sage, sandalwood, and mild bergamot that delicately linger.


Why use After Shave?

Dragging a razor across your face can scrape off the top layers of skin cells, leaving your face vulnerable and susceptible to nicks, burns and irritation. After Shave helps you take care of your face after shaving.

How much should I use?

Normally a ping-pong ball size is enough for your face. You can use more or less.

Does it contain alcohol?

Yes – alcohol helps heal your skin while toning and refreshing.

What are the ingredients?

Purified water, alcohol, fragrance oils, emulsifying wax, propellant.

Will it irritate my skin?

It does contain alcohol, so you may feel some tingling, but our emulsion also contains moisturizers that will soothe your skin and help prevent irritation.

Can I use it on other parts of my body?

Absolutely, anywhere to refresh and apply a subtle fragrance.

Is it flammable?

Yes – it does contain alcohol, so be careful and follow all directions and warnings.

Does it harm the environment or have CFCs?

No, it does not.

Can women use it after shaving?


How does making it in small batches help quality?

Making it in small batches allows a delicately-controlled process to create the stable emulsion. Formula and fragrance oils need time to age and develop into a cohesive product, which small batch also helps ensure.

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